Decoration sur-mesure dans nos chambres - Les Chambres Romantiques

Welcome to a haven of romance

A jacuzzi room where love and passion blossom in an enchanting atmosphere. Every decorative element has been carefully thought out to create an environment conducive to the intimacy and well-being of lovers.


All options can be booked in advance by phone or email and paid for in cash on arrival.


Les Chambres Romantiques avec Jacuzzi Aix-en-Provence

Decoration roses and petals of roses fresh from the day + candles, natural roses have the particularity of an inimitable rendering, fragile and delicate petals are detached from the stem with care, it is the surest way to give the romantic and refined side to your room jacuzzi.


We will arrange the petals and candles in an elegant way for a spectacular effect and full of emotion, a beautiful bouquet of roses is delicately arranged on the bed.

159 euros

An unforgettable journey...

Want to make your evening even more extraordinary? Let us sublimate this precious moment with our enchanting decorations. Whether you want to dazzle your eyes, declare your love to your partner or simply celebrate a unique moment, our magnificent decorations will add a magical touch. It will create a warm and unforgettable ambience, enveloping your evening in an atmosphere filled with love and romance.


A beautiful bouquet of roses is delicately arranged on the bed, and the room will be filled with gorgeous fresh rose petals. Each petal, each leaf, is a symbol of love. Roses, blooming and lush, offer their radiant beauty, adding timeless romance.

A hushed atmosphere

The room is bathed in soft, subdued light, creating a hushed, mysterious ambience. Candles, elegantly arranged on delicate supports, cast a flickering glow that dances off the walls and caresses the contours of the jacuzzi. Their gentle, soothing warmth creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and togetherness.


A subtle home fragrance floats through the air, creating a multi-sensory experience. Delicate floral notes blend harmoniously, transporting lovers into a world of enchanting sensations. Every inhalation is an olfactory voyage, every breath imbued with sweetness and passion.


In this romantic Jacuzzi room, lovers are transported to a world where time stands still. Every detail, from rose petals to sparkling candles, contributes to creating an atmosphere conducive to intimacy, passion and relaxation. A veritable sanctuary where love is carried away by the magic of the present moment.


Exceptional decoration

Les Chambres Romantiques avec Jacuzzi Aix-en-Provence

Made-to-measure decoration worthy of the greatest palaces. Jacuzzi and rooms decorated with a multitude of flowers similar to our most beautiful photos. Luxurious, made-to-measure decoration for your finest events.

From 700 euros