Sustainable Development - Les Chambres Romantiques eco-lodge jacuzzi privatif

Sustainable development

Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility concern us all. As a very small, local organization, we are committed to responsible, sustainable development, based on three key pillars.


Day to Day actions

In our day-to-day management, we adopt simple gestures to preserve resources. We reuse the water of the jacuzzi to water the garden. It is an easy and efficient gesture to preserve this ressource. Also, we dry our laundry outdoors, recycle bottles, plastics and cardboard, and use environmentally-friendly washing products. We also prefer to work with local businesses and producers. For example, for our body soaps, we work with Rose&Marius, a company based in Aix that produces locally. As for catering, we offer home-made dishes to avoid industrial products. We work with top-quality local patissiers for our signature heart-shaped cake.

Local products...

Our organic lavender field is an important part of our approach to sustainable development. The field is a valuable source of food for bees and pollinating insects. It also attracts a variety of beneficial insects, such as butterflies and bumblebees, thus promoting local biodiversity.


Lavender is a plant that requires relatively little water and resources to grow. It encourages a more efficient use of natural resources than other, more water- and fertilizer-hungry crops.



Environmentally efficient
and local renovations

We have installed a heating and water-heating system using heat pumps, which guarantees high environmental efficiency. We renovate our buildings with an eye to high-performance insulation. The most recent part of La Bastide dates back to 1904, so we have brought a building that is over 100 years old up to the latest environmental standards. We prefer renovation to construction. We use local craftsmen for all our work, and as far as possible we avoid sourcing from manufacturers. A significant proportion of our furniture and infrastructure is custom-made by local craftsmen. For all new investments, we give priority to environmentally-friendly solutions that fit in with the local fabric.


Involvement with associations focused on well-being

Wellness is one of our core values. We offer romantic rooms with the aim of enabling our guests to experience a memorable moment of well-being. In line with this commitment to well-being, we work with associations that promote personal well-being. One of our projects involves hosting overnight stays for people whose children are seriously ill.


We attach great importance to providing a quality welcome and impeccable rooms. We apply this requirement to our commitment to run our business in an environmentally-friendly way, favoring local resources wherever possible.