Massage en Duo à Aix-en-Provence | Les Chambres Romantiques

1 hour 15 minutes MASSAGE DUO

EXCEPTIONAL moment of relaxation and sharing, YOU’LL LOVE IT. This emotional well-being interlude is an enchanting gift, a precious moment of intimacy to share (199 euros for the couple).

An unforgettable journey...

In an atmosphere of absolute relaxation, lulled by a gentle melody and surrounded by a romantic ambience. A duo massage awaits you, ready to transport you on an unforgettable sensory journey.


In your warm, intimate room, lit by candlelight, you’ll be greeted by experienced practitioners (who only work in 5-star establishments). They are attentive to the importance of creating a unique experience, an enchanted interlude.


Massage Duo

An EXCEPTIONAL moment of relaxation and sharing, in the beautiful space of your room, in a hushed atmosphere, everything is provided for a relaxing interlude. An exclusive massage performed by experienced masseuses you’re sure to love… This relaxing, deep and enveloping duo massage will transport you to a universe filled with softness and serenity.

199 euros


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For your romantic night, awakening your respective senses, we put at your disposal in your room a beautiful and comfortable massage table + its doudou blanket + its scented Massage Oil.

49 euros


Duo massage is designed to promote relaxation, balance and well-being. The masseuses use a variety of massage techniques, combining fluid movements, gentle pressure and delicate stretching. Their expert hands glide over your body, soothing muscular tension and inviting relaxation.


The massage takes place in perfect synchronization, with the practitioners working in harmony to create a unique sensory experience. Each movement is performed with precision and care, tailored to your specific needs. You can feel deep relaxation spreading throughout your being, releasing accumulated stress and promoting a sense of inner calm.


Once the massage is over, you’re invited to take your time and wake up gently, savoring the benefits of this magical experience. You’ll feel relaxed and revitalized.